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Shafts of shadow in Lisbon

Nicholas Isherwood performs shafts of shadow at the Musica Viva 2014 Festival :

Nicholas Isherwood, bass-baritone

Support: Goethe-Institut

ocultoMV2014 November 26, 9h30 p.m.
Concert 4The Electric Voice

Isaac Shankler, Mouthfeel (2013)
Lissa Meridan, Shafts of Shadow (2013)
David Felder, Black Fire / White Fire (2014)
Jean Claude Risset, Otro (2013)
Miguel Azguime, De Fond en Comble (2014)    

Karlheinz Stockhausen, Capricorn (1975/77)

Strange Birds on Radio Undae!

Flame, the first of my Strange Birds, has been selected for inclusion in a special emission dedicated to IAWM composers on Undae! radio in Spain on the 17th of November in Spain at 22h till 23h at:

It will be available in podcast (from the 20th November) at:

or here to go directly to the audio radio programme (in Spanish)

Strange Birds is a set of three electroacoustic pieces with flute commissioned by Kirstin Eade. The overall work is an exploration of aerial energies… flight, the movement of air, smoke rising, overhead resonances.  This first piece, Flame, is inspired by the legendary phoenix, with his hauntingly sweet song who “flapped his wings rapidly until he burst into flames and is reduced to a smoldering heap of ashes out of which a new arose”. It was premiered in 2011 at St. Mark’s Church in Wellington, NZ and received funding from the New Zealand Arts Council, Creative NZ.